How To Get Our Products

Man with asking sign bubblesAt Steepleview Farm we know that you want the best, the freshest and healthiest food under the sun for your family.  So how do you get our wonderful ripened in the field veggies?  We have several options available for you.


Click on the tab above for our Saturday Farmer’s Market.  Not only will you enjoy a very relaxing drive in the country, but when you get here, you will have a terrific view from our spot up here at over 900 feet above sea level.  You will also enjoy year round breezes, a gorgeous countryside and of course our new market with a variety of crops, crafts and art to choose from.

We will also offer a special lunch and dinner menu on certain Saturdays all summer long.  Join our email list for details.

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Initially we joined the Boone County Farmer’s Market in Burlington, The Dixie Farmer’s Market in Erlanger and The Owen County Farmer’s Market in Owenton.  What we found was a customer base looking primarily for “red round” tomatoes and lower prices. We have devoted ourselves to raising high quality, non-GMO, pesticide free food. In addition we offered a variety of culinary herbs, heirloom fruits and unique hand made items that did not fit the big farm model that customers seemed to want. As such, we are going to limit our sales to personal orders, our own farmer’s market and our customized customer and personal gardener programs.

We will continue to go to other markets from time to time and ask you to keep up with our locations by way of the calendar and our newsletter.


Click on the tab above and become one of our “FEED THE HUNGRY” farm partners.  You can come to the farm and pick your own at the peak of ripeness reconnecting with the source of your food, or call ahead and we will pick your produce especially for you and have it waiting.  You may also join our newsletter and be alerted to days when we may be delivering in your area.

Or, let us become your personal gardener!  Give us a call, choose the specific varieties you want us to grow, we plant, nurture and grow them for you and all of your garden becomes yours!  Details are under the “Customize” tab above.


We know how much you care about the quality of the food you are preparing for your customers and we want to help you have a steady, reliable source for the best quality food available without having to wade through the masses at farmer’s markets, get a delivery off the back of a truck or try to balance your schedule in the kitchen and the front of the house with the weather and the garden out back.

As such, please  give us a call or send an email.  We would love to provide you with the best, the freshest, and healthiest food available at competitive market prices with one added advantage.

Our food comes with complete transparency.  You get to see the seeds, the growing techniques, the fields they are in, the harvesting and washing processes and know from start to finish that you can attest to your customers that you have made a rare find for their health and enjoyment.

We would love to let others share in what we produce through your skilled hands.  Contact us today!


Our goal is to prepare for you the best food available anywhere.  If there is another idea that you have, let us know.  We are here to serve you.