Welcome To The Upper Texas Smokehouse

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***NOTICE FOR 2017***

Due to a significant change in our mission this year, we plan to open the Upper Texas Smokehouse only on a limited schedule. We will not be holding our farmer’s market each weekend but likely one weekend a month. We may open the smokehouse on Friday evenings. Stay tuned and keep checking back for updates.


After years of study and my travels into the backwoods of the deep south where I learned the old style methods of making “barbecue” from truly legendary pitmasters I am proud to offer what many are saying is the best pulled pork they have ever eaten.

From my own pit design to the hand cut red oak and hickory I have what we believe is the only true pit in operation anywhere in this part of the country.

Add to that my own rub made of 14 herbs and spices and my technique designed to give you true smokey goodness in every bite and I’m sure you will agree, you won’t find this fine a meal anywhere else.

We are also offering hand pattied fresh ground burgers slow cooked over real hardwood coals, not over gas, or on a griddle, or cooked over that wax and oil based kind of charcoal briquettes many others use.

We also have a menu filled with other goodies that I know you will like as you sit on our huge shaded deck and enjoy the beautiful views, the peace and serenity of this country setting and the breezes we get at nearly the highest point in the county.

Be sure to click on the image below to read all about “The Legend of Upper Texas” and learn why we named our smokehouse as we did.

So when you come to the market, bring your appetite. As they say, you can get almost anything you want in “Upper Texas”.
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On Saturday May 30th we open for our second season at the Upper Texas Smokehouse. We serve the most incredible backwoods style pork barbecue, locally sourced grass fed beef 1/3 pound charcoal grilled burgers and new this year we are offering a wood fired artisan pizzas on a limited basis.

Come by, enjoy the views, and the breezes and the music on the deck and have a delicious meal at our Kentucky Proud shop joined by our other vendors.

Oh, and in case you wanted a peek, here’s a look at our all new menu for the year.

We look forward to serving you. (click image to enlarge)

2015 Upper Texas Smokehouse Menu Preview

menu board 2 copyCome enjoy the smoky goodness of our delicious pulled pork, cooked the “backwoods way” at the Upper Texas Smokehouse.  Get it as a basket with homemade beans, Carolina style slaw, spicy pickles and my own barbecue sauce.

Or get a charcoal grilled, hand pattied, fresh ground burger, a chicken salad wrap or a Gi-normous hot dog.

Cool down with a variety of special soft drinks including Sarsaparilla, Root Beer, Orange and Cream Soda or one of our varieties of bottle Teas.

As they say, you could always get whatever you wanted in Upper Texas!

(Pssst- click on the image and it will enlarge to show you our menu)