About Us

IMG_5875-SMILEWelcome to our farm.

We are Marc and Harriet Carey.  We met when we were 15, dated in high school and have been married for over forty years.   Here at Steepleview Farm we raised two fine sons, we’ve raised acres of crops, hundreds of cattle, and a house full of dogs.

After decades of raising a large garden and small orchard for our families and our friends, we studied and learned many of the old time methods of preserving our harvest for healthy enjoyment all year long.

Besides canning, freezing and preserving our own wonderful food we also learned the art of smoking meats, curing hams, and the ancient art of fermentation.

With our children grown and raised, and grandchildren arriving, we began thinking of how we might use the farm in a way more suited to our love of home grown, all natural, NON-GMO pesticide free food.  We traveled across the United States in search of the best, healthiest and most flavorful food in America and what we found was a wonderful community of people dedicated to farm to table programs.

Stopping in at Farmer’s Markets in small towns and big cities of every type we soon realized that people everywhere were beginning to catch on to what we had known for years, that the best, freshest and healthiest food is raised the way we had been doing it for our entire life.  What we found was beautifully ripened produce grown without chemical pesticides, picked at the peak of ripeness, handled with care, washed and enjoyed in season, or preserved to be enjoyed all year long.  What we had taken for granted all those years was now very much in demand.

Over 20 years ago we discovered that of the 1200 varieties of apples which used to be grown in America, very few were still being grown due to the demands of the commercial market.  We call them our “ugly apples” but in reality they are antique fruits of incredible flavor, great for eating out of hand, making pies and fried apples, the best applesauce and even for squeezing into a sweet cider.

We began making plans to pursue our dream of turning our beloved Steepleview Farm into a place where we could spend the rest of our lives doing what we love, raising a garden, sharing its bounty and cooking wholesome food for others to enjoy.

We stepped up our market research, exploring natural methods of producing well timed vegetables, talking with more experienced farmer’s market participants, designing and making plans to help sprout from our land what in 2014 became the Saturday Farmer’s Market At Steepleview Farm.

We hope that by doing what we love we can share the bounty of our lives with many more people over the years to come

We look forward to seeing you, hosting you and serving you at our little piece of heaven, here in Owen County Kentucky.