August 2016

In the middle of our third season having dedicated ourselves to raising only superior quality produce, we have learned a few things that were not apparent at the beginning.  Here are the six reasons we are going to make a change.

First, we know that there is a market of people like you who desire naturally raised food, old time goodness and chemical free fruits and vegetables.  But in Kentucky that section of the market is far smaller than in other regions of the country.  In fact, the market for such high quality seems to be concentrated around Lexington, and Louisville and Bowling Green with a little in Northern Kentucky.

Second, we are located in a beautiful part of Kentucky, our beloved Poplar Grove, but the market for our kind and quality of produce is some distance from here.  As such we have worked to deliver to other areas and find ways to attract customers to come to our farm.

Third, we have been raising large quantities of vegetables on a large piece of ground, hand planting, hand weeding, and hand tending all of our plants. This is a labor intensive effort with high costs per pound of produce. We’ve raised 10 times as much as we could sell, most of the issues being location related

Fourth, we have found some, but not enough, experienced assistance in Kentucky for pesticide free, chemical free farming.  Most of the research and help was born out of the old tobacco programs where chemicals were king.

Fifth, we found that our customers are very loyal, love our products and have richly rewarded us with praise and sharing.  We will not abandon you, nor our quest to expand our customer base.  But we have found a way to make a change.

Sixth, we think that downsizing our operation will save labor, money, increase our ability to concentrate our attention to quality and improve our overall ability to serve you and more to come.

So, with these things in mind, stay tuned for the new model of operation at Steepleview Farm.  We are going to concentrate exclusively on improving our CSA, expanding our custom garden opportunity and having a far more personal relationship with you our most valued customers.

It’s going to be a GREAT new approach to sharing our passion and our love of growing and delivering only the freshest, healthiest and best tasting food you can get anywhere.

There’s a new day coming to Steepleview Farm!  Be a part of it.

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