April 2016

IMG_5881It’s hard to believe that we are entering our third successful season of the Saturday Farmer’s Market at Steepleview Farm.  What began as a dream is now a successful reality every Saturday all summer long.

Our research taught us that most successful markets were located in upscale areas with plenty of customers nearby who all wanted the experiences of the marketplace, the ambiance and of course a source of good healthy farm to table food.  A built in customer base made all the difference in the world and attracted tons of vendors.

We also found though that even in upscale areas where a customer base was present, some markets were a dud because they did not attract good quality vendors, in large numbers.  What a dilemma, vendors want to go where the customers are but customers don’t want to go where there are few good vendors.

So we came up with another idea.  First, we built an incredibly beautiful market in an area with stunning views, high visibility, heavy traffic flow and added a permanent structure to notify customers that we are here to stay.

Second, we put in a Kentucky Proud store offering quaint and high quality food, crafts, art and hand made Kentucky Proud goods.

Third, we put a lot of time and effort into developing an onsite Farmer’s Market food service, with a menu that people say offers uncommonly good food, at an affordable price, in a place you’d never expect to get it.

And then we topped it all off with very friendly, transparent, open customer service that makes people feel like they are on a vacation.

And what has this accomplished?  Every Saturday we have over 100 customers coming by our market, looking for produce, looking for good food, looking to establish a relationship with their farmer.

But, alas, we know we can get better.  The customers are coming, the place is beautiful, the food is great, our reputation is spreading, our advertising is everywhere, and now we are ready for more vendors, the key to making this the “go to” spot for farm to table food all summer long.

We look forward to our third season, and we invite you to come visit, come shop, come eat and of course for our fellow Kentucky Proud members, to come set up with us and meet our customers with your own brand of wholesome goodness, friendly service and come grow with us!

We look forward to serving you.

The frost date has passed, the orchard is in bloom, the plants are ready, the fields prepared, let the planting and growing begin!








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