February 2016


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With our new seedling incubators up and running we are thrilled to announce that we have the capacity to raise 1152 plants in each of four nursery beds, which is over 4600 seedlings.  A little math informs us that if each one of those seedlings is eventually spaced two feet apart in the garden, we will have almost TWO MILES OF PLANTS!

Sure that’s a lot less than what they plant on the mega-farms in California, Mexico and South America where most of your store bought produce comes from, and less even than what some of the most successful so called “farmer’s market” big farms in Kentucky are producing, but we had a choice: we could go big and be like the rest, or concentrate our efforts on quality and service, knowing that we will appeal to a smaller niche market that places the highest value on health, nutrition, flavor, sanitation, transparency and personal attention.

So, to our great customers, consider this photo to be akin to standing at the window of the nursery at the hospital.  What you are looking at is YOUR baby plants, all warm and safe, soon to come home and become part of YOUR family.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.

high tunnel beds

vegetable timetable ky

Here’s a little video to show you an easy to make incubator for those looking to start garden seeds earlier.  Total cost to raise up to 16 trays or 1152 plants is only about $100, compared to this much or more for seed heating mats and controllers for less than 4 trays.

First Seeds In The Ground Before Groundhog Day

February 1, 2016

The last weekend of January and we planted our first seeds earlier than ever before. Sora radishes, Arugula, spinach, Butter King lettuce, and many other varieties as well as early peas and seeded our He Shi Ko spring onions. First real season with the new high tunnel and we are looking forward to the early […]

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