June 2015

This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but it’s time here at the farm to begin making plans for our fall crops.

Yep, today we laid out the pumpkin patch, ordered the last of our fall seeds, set aside the ground for the Halloween ornamentals like broom corn, Indian corn and gourds.

Of course we are just now beginning to trellis our indeterminate tomatoes, hope to finish the staking or our determinate tomatoes and then mulch the entire patch. That is after we till and cultivate everything one more time, add another dose of great Kentucky Earthworm Castings to the plant beds, expand our drip irrigation to cover the newest plantings, and then put in phase two of our beans, phase two of our cucumbers and phase two of our sweet corn.

Oh, and did I mention, it’s time to build the framework for the trellis in the high tunnel, begin suckering the tomato vines, and fertilizing the sunflowers.

But some of that might have to wait a day or two because we need to put our organic treatment on the apple trees, set out a bunch of summer squash, plant the watermelon patch and irrigate the new orchard addition.

In the meantime I have been ordering seeds and planning for the upcoming 127 yardsale, which reminds me I need to make a trip to Friendship to visit with my vendors, place all of my Internet advertising and start confirming how many spaces I will have left.

So, while you might be getting ready for a summer vacation, things are really hopping around Steepleview Farm.

Now that I think about it, life around here kinda reminds me of the guy in this video below.

Come see us. We look forward to serving you.

10298789_629616743796137_3943379082097183523_nSometime soon we’d love for you to stop by, say hello and allow us the pleasure of sharing with you what I believe is the most beautiful garden I’ve ever planted.

There was of course a tremendous amount of planning, hours upon hours of studying the trials and errors of others, not to mention the tedious task of cataloging my own errors and solving them to avoid repetition.

All of the above is what consumed my winter hours. Since then work at the farm has been underway daylight to dark and past dark for two months. And we are not done yet.

But finally all the planning and hard work is starting to show.

Oh, sure, there will be far more beauty as the weeks go by and the tomato vines grow over our heads, the beans and cucumbers hang from the trellises begging to be picked and as the corn, and squash, and the hundreds of pepper plants begin to show their colors. But right now, the garden is starting to look like a garden.

So why not make plans to come visit us this Saturday? Stop by the market, enjoy a leisurely lunch on the spacious deck, listen to the music and let us share with you the story of how the best, the freshest and the healthiest food we think you can find anywhere is being cared for.

Open Saturday’s from 9-4 with lunch served from around noon until the food runs out.

We look forward to serving you.