Turn, Turn, Turn

IMG_5875-SMILEAlas our season has come to an………well, not a complete end but an end.

We have sold all of our tremendous produce, picked the garden clean, stored up all the cider we can sell, let the pumpkins mature, collected the honey, are busy gathering eggs, have had a seamstress make really cool bags for our sunflower seeds and are now, due to a number of factors like cold weather and fall type activities, forced to close the market a little earlier than we plan to close next year.

Our goal is to remain open from early May until mid November.  This year we got a late start due to weather and have an early close due to weather and our dedication to superior products and food.  We needed to go to the food show in Lexington, we needed to press some more cider, we needed to get our weatherization program penciled out and we decided to close a bit early this year.

BUT…We have already started planning next season.  We have found a number of new vendors, new Kentucky Proud products and have landed a couple of cool new events to add sparkle to our “beach like” venue (thank you Jason Franz for the flattering observation).

So to all of you who visited, shared your ideas, gave us great reviews, came back week after week, told friends, brought family and gave us the great joy of sharing our little piece of heaven with all of you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Stay tuned.  The winter season is coming up, and, pun DEFINITELY INTENDED, it oughta be cool.




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