September 2014

It isn’t official yet, but it looks like you might be able to enjoy the hand picked goodness of Steepleview Farm produce all winter long.  For a limited time in limited quantities we may be able to offer some of our first year crop in a variety of forms.  Stay tuned, this is exciting!

Uncle Marcs Crazy Hot Sauce 2 copy

salsa crop Pasta Sauce label 1 ky proud copy crop

tomatoesWell it has been a wonderful year at Steepleview Farm.  Our first venture into large scale vegetable production from our years of raising all natural foods for our family and friends has been a great experience.

We launched our farmer’s market.  We built and opened our Bistro, the Upper Texas Smokehouse, and we’ve hosted thousands of people right here at our little piece of heaven.

We have learned a lot about farming, a lot about marketing and a lot of things that will most definitely make next year far better than this one, Lord willing.

As we begin to see our summer crops ripen and harvest the best there is we are thrilled to see our fall crops coming on.  Pumpkins, gourds, snap peas, apples and other  goodies, including our wonderful variety of herbs are all doing very well.

So, if you are ready to take up canning, freezing or just want a little time in the country, now is the time to come visit us, take home some wonderful produce, share our many recipes and enjoy the last of summer in the few weeks left until Autumn arrives.