July 2014

Preparing pickled cucumbers in the kitchenIt’s Pickling season folks and we have a number of great varieties of pickling cucumbers (as well as slicing cukes) fresh picked and crisp as can be.

Come to the market this Saturday or send me an email on the contact page.

I will be in Erlanger/Florence today with a bushel full and will gladly meet you.

By the way, if you are new to pickling, stop by the market Saturday and I can walk you through the wonderful world of pickles!

market from road 640We are getting a lot of visitors from all over the region. Look for us on the road and be sure to come visit!

menu board 2 copyCome enjoy the smoky goodness of our delicious pulled pork, cooked the “backwoods way” at the Upper Texas Smokehouse.  Get it as a basket with homemade beans, Carolina style slaw, spicy pickles and my own barbecue sauce.

Or get a charcoal grilled, hand pattied, fresh ground burger, a chicken salad wrap or a Gi-normous hot dog.

Cool down with a variety of special soft drinks including Sarsaparilla, Root Beer, Orange and Cream Soda or one of our varieties of bottle Teas.

As they say, you could always get whatever you wanted in Upper Texas!

(Pssst- click on the image and it will enlarge to show you our menu)

gardenThis past weekend we picked and sold our first harvest of the season.  Crisp and sweet Blue Lake Beans sold quickly.  Our “Mucho Nacho” Jalapeno peppers are available in abundance.  We have hundreds of the “Boston Pickling” variety of cucumbers in the perfect size for your pickling needs and we have hundreds of sweet fresh slicing varieties of cucumbers as well.

This week more produce will be coming in from other farmers and we expect there will be field ripened tomatoes any day now.



Our Market Is Rocking

July 1, 2014

Well, we opened the market on June 14th to a bang up reception.  The lovely Ms. Harriet and I gave thought to how many customers we might expect.  Being the careful type, we anticipated maybe a dozen people would come for lunch our first day.  But, we didn’t want to run short, so we over-bought […]

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The Veggies Are Arriving!!!

July 1, 2014

After months of work, selecting rare, pure non-GMO seeds, sprouting them when the snow was still flying, nurturing the young plants and tending the field, we are excited to announce that we are on the verge of getting a bumper crop! This week, by July 4th, we should have sweet mountain half runner beans, stringless […]

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