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Welcome To Steepleview Farm, located in the beautiful community of Poplar Grove in Owen County Kentucky!

An easy and scenic drive from anywhere in the “golden triangle” of Northern Kentucky, Lexington and Louisville, Poplar Grove is perched at over 900 feet above sea level with outstanding views, breezes and rolling green fields on both sides of the meandering scenic by-way known as “US Highway Corridor 127″.

Here at Steepleview Farm we are committed to producing and selling the most wholesome, freshest and most flavorful fruits and vegetables available anywhere.

All of our produce is non-GMO.  We plant and harvest open pollinated heirloom varieties and naturally produced hybrids known for old time goodness.  We do not raise the cheaper brands of commercial items you find at most Farmer’s Market’s and roadside stands.

We raise our produce in soil that can breathe, where the living organisms, minerals, air and nutrients combine to make our produce the best “UNDER THE SUN“!  When any form of mulching is used, it is always an organic biodegradable product.

Our farming began nearly 30 years ago and like most Kentucky farms ours had been used for tobacco, cattle and hay.  But we wanted to break that cycle and in 2011 we started making plans to convert our land into a more sustainable form of agriculture.

We traveled across the nation visiting farms, learning from the experiences of others, reading voraciously and searching for for sources of 100% NON-GMO seeds, which we carefully select for plant health, naturally great flavor and wholesome benefits.

After several years of careful study we started our new production in 2014.  We do not use any pesticides.  We do not “gas” our food to make any of it look “fresher” as many commercial producers do.  We do not use artificial growth stimulants or chemical by products.  We raise all of our produce, eggs, honey, apples and other items naturally.

The growing needs of a more aware population of consumers who want only the highest quality and best flavors available is now outpacing the available supply.  In June of 2014 we opened our Farm Market and began taking orders for our “Customized Customer” program which is a unique type of CSA providing customized delivery of high quality produce to you and your family over the growing season.

From the beginning we have made the commitment to be completely transparent and so we invite you make the peaceful and scenic drive any time, but particularly on a Saturday this summer to come and visit.  We love our little piece of heaven and want to share our blessing with as many people as possible.

In 2017 we have made a significant change in our mission.  Having given great care to raising the best food possible, and having been so blessed in our lives, we decided upon prayerful reflection, that selling our food to a customer base that could afford a little extra to get the best left us feeling unfulfilled.  Something  just didn’t seem right.

We fretted over the fact that as in all stages of the fresh produce food chain there is substantial waste.  For years we were composting literally tons of high quality, unsold food, while thousands of people all around us were going hungry.  It was a sin to destroy food that others so desperately needed.

So, we announced a new mission (as seen in the video below) and this year we are no longer focusing our production on selling to the fresh market.  Instead we are raising our best, harvesting it first and giving it to those who have the least.  In partnership with the Kentucky Association of Food Banks our primary goal is to “FEED THE HUNGRY”.

We invite you to browse our website, check out our news and updates, become one of our Feed The Hungry partners, and be sure to SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL in the column to the right!

As more and more people come to enjoy the carefree, traffic free, scenic drive to Steepleview Farm they have come to enjoy a wonderful experience, incredible quality products, musical entertainment, farm tours, fall events and more. And this year we hope to partner with many more people as we expand our educational and entertainment opportunities and devote our farming efforts to helping our neighbors who are food insecure.

So from our family to yours, welcome to Steepleview Farm.  We look forward to serving you!